First Steps

Getting started

Interested in research or creative inquiry but don't  know where to start? Here are some ways you can get involved no matter what your experience:

Start attending undergraduate research events, such as:

  • Undergraduate Research Month (April)
  • IU Undergradaute Research Conference (November)
  • IU Summer Poster Session
  • Undergraduate research events in your field of study

Get involved in research-related clubs, like:

  • IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR)
  • Outreach for Undergraduate Research in STEM (OUR STEM)
  • Clubs within your field of study

Start going to research talks in your areas of interest.

  • Look for flyers, pay attention to your email, and talk with professors or graduate students in your field.

Interested in working with a professor?

Regardless of your field of study, here are some general tips:

  • Make a great first impression in class.
  • Talk with professors about their research if you find their work interesting. (Don't be intimated. Professors love talking about their research!)
  • Ask if they have opportunities for undergraduates to work with them.
  • Especially in fields that conduct laboratory research, look for posted research assistantships.